About the company

CAFRINTELSA, an Economic Intelligence consulting firm undertakes strategic analyses of African markets in the field of natural resources, human resources, intellectual property, sustainable development and all activities relating thereto. CAFRINTELSA develops customized solutions in response to unmet and growing demand for high-value added information services from many stakeholders involved in the following activities:

  • Trading of Africa’s- resources agricultural commodities, oil and gas and mining whose value chain involves the following stakeholders: producer, exporter, purchaser, importer, business lawyer trustee, banker, quality controller, the carrier, the freight forwarder and the insurer.etc.
  • Development of the Family office business in Africa by enabling professionals to deepen their knowledge of African markets of High Net Worth Individuals HNWIs, and thus helping them manage and preserve their human, financial and social capital over several generations through investment and participation in high return projects.
  • Exercising due diligence or complex diligence as a means of ensuring security of transactions, reducing risks and increasing transparency in African markets.
  • Providing practical information on investment codes, business opportunities,tax laws, logistics, banking and phytosanitary regulations etc. relating to African markets through strong interaction with African stakeholders such as governments, chambers of commerce and industry, investment promotion agencies, employers’ organisations and trade unions etc…
  • Promotion of the laws and regulations of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) with Legal and accounting -including Swiss.
  • The defense of the reputation and the protection of Brands and other intellectual property rights of industrial and commercial companies, including Swiss,victims of counterfeiting in African markets.
  • Search for, recruitment and retention of active, high level professionals and executives for employment in industrial and commercial companies in Africa.
  • Adaptation and transition of African economies from carbon emission model to an environmentally friendly one, emitting lower carbon levels.


  1. The training seminar on African markets of High Net worth Individuals (HNWI) & FO
  2. The strategic monitoring of market of HNWI & FO
  3. The Road Show of professionals of HNWI & FO
  4. The seminar and Strategic Monitoring of Complex Due Diligence
  5. The training seminar on commodities trading (agriculture, mining and energy)
  6. Strategic Monitoring of African commodities markets
  7. The professional road show on the African markets of Africa’s commodities
  8. The coaching of professionals on African Commodities markets.
  9. Business intelligence on activities of African chambers of commerce and investment promotion agencies
  10. The commodities Road Show of professionals stakeholders African
  11. The coaching of commodities professionals on the peculiarities of their corporate communication in African markets.
  12. The training seminar on business law
  13. Legal monitoring of OHADA Business Law
  14. The Road Show of Ohada for legal sales professionals.
  15. Coaching of legal sales professionals on the peculiarities of their corporate communication for the OHADA system.
  16. The training seminar on bidding techniques and guarantees of African markets
  17. Legal watch on the tender guarantees of technical and African markets.
  18. Recruitment, Jobs and Scholarships
  19. Training on Brands defense (brands, trade names, geographical indications) and IP protection in African markets.
  20. Assistance for filing and registration of IP titles (patents and trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications) with the OAPI, ARIPO and IPOs from non-member countries of OAPI and the ARIPO, together with a network of specialized offices of senior IP.