Africa Sustainable Development

Africa now faces the challenge of boosting a growth model for its economic transformation and at the same time preserving the environment, by taking into account the constraints linked to climate change. Africa must therefore adopt a sustainable development model that combines growth and climate resilience. According to a UNDP report of 2014 the cost of adaptation to climate change in Africa is estimated at about $ 50 billion by 2050 and Africa is the region of the world where climatic conditions are changing quickly. It is estimated that an increase in non-moderate temperature, greater than 2 ° C, would have serious consequences for African countries in particular sectors such as agriculture and food security, Primary and animal health, water resources, biodiversity.

Cafrintel S.A. facilitates intermediation between African and foreign stakeholders – including Swiss – on the negotiation and conclusion of agreements and contracts for adaptation projects to climate change and the green economy. This approach includes the following actions:

  • Identification of financial institutions, investment funds, banks, mutual cooperation agencies etc. likely to finance projects related to the adaptation to climate change and the promotion of the green economy.
  • Identification of managerial and technical skills and expertise that may accompany the design and implementation of various projects to adapt to climate change and promote the green economy (mini solar power plants, wind power, biogas, geothermal etc.).
  • Cafrintel S.A. services for sustainable development.