Brands, IP and Innovation Management

The purpose is to defend preserve and protect the integrity and reputation of products within the portfolios of companies, including foreign based,  that are victims of the counterfeiting and illicit use the  use of their brands in African markets.
Counterfeiting is a phenomenon constantly growing in African markets given their weak structuration, the porosity of  borders, the weak mechanisms of control at customs, judiciary and police. Counterfeiting activities are widespread in certain sectors such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, software, machine tools, luxury goods and fashion, sporting goods and food products. They pose serious risks to public health on the safety and security of people. Furthermore they cause declines in revenues and profits for the businesses which are victims of these illegal and unfair business practices.
Cafrintel S.A. Offers assistance to businesses and  public authorities in the fight against the scourge of  counterfeiting, drawing from  its proven expertise of international intellectual property issues and the  knowledge of relevant stakeholders in Africa (officials at customs, police, justice , regional and national IP offices, Chambers of commerce and employers organizations), complemented by  the understanding of the challenges of legal economic, social and cultural character prevailing in  African markets.
Cafrintel S.A. offer is structured around the following functions:

  1. Training on Brands management and defense (trademarks, tradenames geographical indications) and IP protection in African markets.
  2. Cafrintel S.A. Provides in cooperation with intellectual property office (IPOs)
  3. specialists and consultants, short term training modules on practical and theoretical aspects of counterfeiting issues in sub-Saharan Africa as well as the strategies and means of action for eradicating this scourge. This training is for the benefit of IP and marketing professionals of national and foreign companies, customs administration, economic police, security forces and members of the judiciary.
  4. Assistance for filing on registering IP rights (patent and trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications with the OAPI and the ARIPO, in close cooperation with members of a network of trademarks agents and patents attorneys,
  5. Legal monitoring of the status of brands, trademarks trade names, geographical indications and IP protection in African markets.
  6. Constant surveillance of African markets in order to detect and risks and incidents of spreading of the counterfeiting.
  7. Analysis of businesses affected by counterfeiting with particular attention to the major criminal counterfeiting networks; through a careful analysis of Information available on platforms (Open and specialized databases, legal journals, newspapers, and specialized periodicals, reports, etc… obtained by Cafrintel S.A. through its network of intermediaries and informants.
  8. Audit of intellectual property IP assets and situation analysis of IP rights potential in the target market,
  9. IP rights due diligence in connection with various transactions in the African markets, negotiation and conclusion of licensing agreements,
  10. Assistance in IP dispute resolution (Mediation, arbitration and litigation)