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Family Wealth Management

Inform stakeholders of the opportunities and specificities of African High Net worth Individuals markets;Creating a strong and sustainable interaction between management professionals and African High Net worth Individuals.

  • According to numerous official reports (New World Wealth, AfrAsia, PWC, Mazars, Capgemini), the total amount of wealth held by wealthy people in Africa is around 2,300 billion United States dollars (US $) , a figure that should grow by 34% over the next 10 years to reach the amount of 3100 billion (US $) at the end of 2027. The number of wealthy people -HNWI-namely people with assets to invest exceeding 1 million (US $) is estimated at 145,000 and the total volume of their assets is around 800 billion (US $). There were around 7010 multimillionaires living in Africa in 2017 and this number is expected to increase by 36% over the next ten years. years to reach 198,000 in 2027.This wealth segment is of direct interest to managers grouped in wealth management companies – to one or multi-family – competing to obtain management mandates on behalf of wealthy African people and their families.
  • CAFRINTEL S.A.’s objectives in terms of wealth management are as follows:

    – support and advise wealthy African people and their families in the management of their wealth and assets in a structured, prudent and sustainable manner (choice of investment, participation in high-yield projects guaranteeing the preservation of their heritage in benefit of present and future generations, bearing in mind that one of the greatest challenges facing wealthy African families is that of succession and intergenerational transfer

    —-Constitute a Multi-service platform (one-stop shop) in order to give specialized advice and manage a series of specific needs and requirements (acquisition of property, immigration, placement in education, coordination in the field of philanthropy, trust, foundation, charity, non-profit organization, etc.)

    – Establish a strong and lasting interaction between wealth management professionals and wealthy people,

    —- inform foreign stakeholders and those based in Africa of the opportunities and specificities of the wealthy people markets,

  • In carrying out its mission, CAFRINTEL S.A. has made the strategic choice of maintaining a double wealth management office in order to maximize the opportunities offered by its two localities for the benefit of its customers:

    —Geneva, Switzerland, a country with a worldwide reputation as a hub for private banking and wealth management, with a large number of companies and shops for wealth management, trustees and legal and accounting professionals; and highly respected for the stability of its currency, the Swiss Franc, its financial market and its banks.

    —Johannesbourg, South Africa, the first emerging and wealth management market in Africa, with the largest capitalization of African private wealth estimated at 649 billion (US $) and the highest number of wealthy people, 39,200, and the highest number wealth management companies, supported by a sophisticated banking and financial system, and having the largest stock market on the continent with a market capitalization of nearly 980 billion (US $).


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