Governance, Business Council and Compliance

A business-friendly environment conducive for doing business requires a stable and transparent legal and regulatory framework wherein matters are settled or adjudicated with speed and fairness.

Cafrintel S. A.’s Doing Business in Africa’s goals are:

  • Enhancing the knowledge and understanding of business and legal norms, processes, procedures and standards for the benefit of investors and their advisors; with due attention to the Laws and regulations under the system of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) whose aim is to consolidate the business laws and practices of 14 Francophone countries in West and Central Africa, and remedy illegal and judicial insecurity by providing up to date information and advice on legal texts and jurisprudence applicable in the member states of OHADA.
  • Making available to concerned stakeholders its network of business lawyers and attorneys specialized in the laws of OHADA or the laws of member countries of SADC or COMESA, as the case may be.
  • Preparing briefing notes and confidential reports on the legal aspects of business transactions requiring settlement through mediation arbitration or litigation.


In light of CAFRINTEL S.A. growing awareness of the negative impact of corruption, state capture and other shadowy and illegal practices and activities on the business environment of African countries, Cafrintel S.A. provides a range of advisory services to address and contain this scourge:

  • Conduct of risk assessment and implementation of processes, procedures and standards to uphold compliance by public entities, the business sector and not for profit organizations with increasingly complex national or regional laws, regulations and public policy measures.
  • Conduct of Know Your Customer (KYC) and various Due Diligence processes in respect of selected types of business transactions:
    • Sale and purchase contracts or agreements,
    • Merger and Acquisition,
    • joint ventures,
    • franchising and other forms of corporate agreements.

The range of Due Diligence applicable include:

  • Legal DD,
  • Administrative DD,
  • Financial DD,
  • Assets DD,
  • Environmental DD,
  • Human Resource DD, Intellectual Property DD,
  • Taxes DD,
  • Customer DD and Strategic Fit, Complex DD.