High value added business information

  1. Facilitating informed strategic and operational decision making related to transactions on African markets through the sharing of information collated and processed by Cafrintel S.A.,
  2. Monitoring and assessing strategic and security related information impacting investors strategies and activities (geo political risks, insurgency and terrorist threats, hostage taking, state of emergency)
  3. Identifying and recommending safeguard measures to pre-empt and address the impact of major crisis (state of emergency, curfews, clamp down on telecommunications and social media etc.)
  4. Competitive and technological watch and/or surveillance of strategies and activities of potential competitors (swot analysis and other modalities), and preparing updated reports to facilitate decision-making, advising on strategies to enhance the protection of investors strategic assets and maintain their competitive advantage including formal and non-tangible assets as well as the reputation and corporate  image of companies, and  of Executive and staff.
  5. Advising on the adoption by business of offensive approaches and strategy of influence informed by their engagement to combat corruption,  promote good governance and environment protection, and champion fair business practices.
  6. Undertaking Media watch and making available to companies, assessments on development such as market trends and disruptive circumstances susceptible of impacting them and their competitors in African markets.