Our Services

High value added business information

Helping financial intermediaries in the exercise of due diligence relating to transactions in African markets. Cafrintel approach takes into account the usual concerns such as the specificity of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), the differentiation of economic beneficiary and legal rights beneficiary, the limitations of techniques

Brands, IP and Innovation Management

The purpose is to defend, preserve and protect the integrity and reputation of the products within the portfolio including foreign companies that are victims of counterfeiting and the illicit use of their "brands" on African competitive markets.

Family Wealth Management

Inform stakeholders of the opportunities and specificities of African High Net worth Individuals markets;Creating a strong and sustainable interaction between management professionals and African High Net worth Individuals

Human Resources Management for Africa

Cafrintel Human Resources Management Desk mainly specializes on the recruitment function and assists international and Africa based companies,-PMI SMEs and parastatal enterprises involved in research, recruitment and retention of professionals of high caliber for positions in various business sectors in Africa.

Governance, Business Council and Compliance

CAfrintel is designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of legal norms and standards governing business operations in various African countries for the benefit of investors and their legal and accounting advisors.

Sustainable Development in Africa

Cafrintel facilitates inter-mediation between African and foreign stakeholders - including Swiss - on the negotiation and conclusion of agreements and contracts for adaptation projects to climate change and the green economy.